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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Whispering Aloha to Challenges

I've met the challenge and I'm it. I find that my Zentangle network of friends and the time that I spend on the internet trying to keep up with them has grown. In fact I spend more time on my computer than with my Zentangle art. Does this sound familiar to you?

Two of my fellow Certified Zentangle Teachers have posted a challenge that I have been hesitating to reply to. Donna Hornsby Pegasus Papers has issued a challenge that we post one Zentangle® work of art each week in the Facebook Certified Zentangle Teachers group.

Laura Harms has issued a Weekly Zentangle Challenge on facebook and on her blog I am the diva

I already have two blogs Heinani's Weblog ~ Zentangle and Cat's Cradle and this blog Whispers of Aloha and a webpage of my own The Ancient Art of Hawaiian String Figures

Plus 21 lenses on Squidoo HUNArt. Not to mention Facebook and Twitter where as Lois Stokes and Heinani I Whisper Aloha and post in the HUNArt Store a Zentangle inspired Art~a~Day, every day.

I try to keep up with the latest patterns and with my fellow CZT® and most importantly with Rick and Maria's Zentangle  and Blog Zentangle

The Challenge has been put forth and what should I do? Well jump in and see where this river flows.

Here are my entries to the Weekly Zentangle Challenge:

Week 1 ~ Simplicity
  I had real trouble being simple ~ This was a real challenge for me

Week 2: Two pencils producing a double string
I started off with a simple double Z ~ things got more complicated than I had anticipated. Noticing a pattern here ~ I seem to be making things more difficult than they need to be ~ I wonder what other areas of my life this pattern exists...